Urban Aerial Landscapes

I first got interested in making paintings back in 2017. It came about after having taken a series of photographs of a basketball court in Brooklyn, NY.  I needed a way to patch all the photographs together to make the montage i could see in my head.  Photography was able to do it for me, but for whatever reason it still didn't feel quite right. i decided to paint the scene and things came into place for me. The shapes, the colors and the texture of the paint really got the expression of what i wanted to convey. I subsequently made two more paintings the same way. I call them "Urban Aerial Landscapes." I was so encouraged by this development in my creativity that i purchased a drone to help with future painting projects. Stay tuned.



This is a painting of a basketball court in Brooklyn, NY. The court has been painted and repainted numerous times over the years, and as it wears old paint is revealed and new paint applied. However, the paint rarely matches the old paint so there is a beautiful tapestry of color and texture.

24" X 24" Acrylic on canvas


All Roads Lead to Norway

This is a painting of the New York City snow, the lines are roads and public areas that had been plowed clear. The way i depicted the snow in color and texture, for whatever reason (synesthesia perhaps), reminded me of Norway; and for that reason i named it, "All Roads Lead to Norway."

60" x 40" Diptych. Oil and acrylic on canvas.



I was searching on Google and, as one can. went quickly down a rabbit hole and started looking at things that had nothing to do with what i was originally looking for. I serendipitously stumbled into "Hobo Code" a set of glyphs that helped nomadic workers (freight train hitch-hikers) communicate to one another, for example,  this is a safe place to sleep or should be avoided, too dangerous. A good drinking hole or whether police were arresting "hobo's" on sight, etc.  I decided to make a map of sorts to define what i thought of as a hobo world, but i made it based on the loose principals of the above pictures.

30" x 30" Acrylic and found objects on canvas.